31 October to 02 November 2016

Aviation innovation for regional integration in Africa, contributing towards economic infrastructure development and social cohesion

Third annual Collaborative Decision Making Conference

With a steady increase of airline operations on the African continent, ANSPs and other key parties must continuously engage in realising key strategic ATM goals. Such decisions will be achieved through a Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) process, a key enabler to airspace management and other business activities.

More specifically, in an Air Traffic Flow Management environment, CDM allows for decisions to be taken by amalgamating all pertinent and accurate sources of information ensuring that the data best reflects the situation as known, and that all concerned stakeholders are given the opportunity to influence the decision.

While innovation within Africa remains a key element to realising long-term strategic plans, information sharing is an important enabler for CDM. In addition, CDM requires agreed-upon procedures and rules to ensure that collaborative decisions are made expeditiously and fairly.

As part of the ATNS AVI AFRIQUE Africa Aviation Innovation Summit, this third CDM Conference will bring stakeholders together to discuss and agree on operational issues and forge a way forward for aviation on the rest of the African continent.

The objectives of CDM include:

  • highlighting and seeking solutions to challenges that prevent information sharing among stakeholders;
  • creating a cooperative framework to effectively implement CDM in the SADC region;
  • making resources available in terms of the required technical expertise and procedures that would facilitate the process flow of information sharing;
  • implementing processes that will increase traffic predictability; and
  • promoting the exchange of information between local airports and relevant stakeholders within the SADC regions.

CDM presentation topics

  • The CDM state in Africa and the SADC region – an introduction
  • Innovation and Collaborative Decision Making – CANSO’s view
  • Innovation and Collaborative Decision Making – IFATCA’s view
  • Safety, innovation and Collaborative Decision Making – airline’s view/CAA’s view/IATA
  • Importance of CDM in an ATFM environment – an enabler
  • Information sharing within SADC – is this possible?

Panel discussion

The CDM panel discussion will include four top-notch aviation personnel including: an ATC operations manager, IFACTA regional president, an IATA safety manager as well as a member from CANSO. The panel discussion will explore the following topic: CDM implementation across the African content – is this a possibility?

Part of the panel discussion will include the possibility of establishing a CDM working group for the SADC region. The successful establishment of such a group will mean frequent teleconference briefings to provide an overview of the current ATFM situation, discuss any issues and provide an outlook of operations for the coming period.

Key Benefits of CDM – ATM environment


  • Possible schedule disruptions are predicted earlier
  • Preferences and priorities are taken into account
  • Fuel and time savings will reduce taxi and holding time

Airport operations

  • Increased departure and arrival punctuality and airport slot adherence – improved capacity
  • Efficient use of infrastructure i.e. stands and gates
  • Accelerated operational recovery in adverse conditions or other disruptions
  • Reduced environmental nuisance e.g. emissions and noise

Ground handlers

  • Enhanced punctuality of operations
  • Maintaining service level agreements
  • Optimised resource management

Air Traffic Control

  • Flexible pre-departure planning
  • Reduced apron and taxiway congestion
  • Smooth flow of traffic eases Air Traffic Controllers’ workload
  • Improved en-route capacity


  • Safety and environmental benefits that can help meet targets


  • Enhanced calculated take-off time (CTOT) compliance
  • Optimum utilisation of available capacity, reducing sector overloads